Wednesday, February 27, 2013

hello from the two of me.

how am i today?  like so many days, divided.  weak and strong, up and down, gelatinous and solid.
i fear i will use up the grace of God, that he will grow tired of dealing with me, become exasperated with me and choose to spend his time and efforts elsewhere.
i am also holy and blameless in his sight, chosen before the creation of the world, before i had even come to be, or committed my first sin.
my perfection predates my perversion.
and he delights in me.  it is his pleasure; it is his will.
but the basis of all this does not rest in me, in my promises, my proclivities, my pasts or my present. it rests solely on the grace of God, thru the shed blood of Christ, who loved me, and died for me while i was helpless and weak and rebellious and an enemy...and still unborn. 
how am i today?  hmmmm...thankful.  sitting squarely and securely in the cross-hairs of his grace, his intentional, relentless, measureless, and incomprehensible grace.